Frequently Asked Questions

  The legendary arches of Modena - Mandarano Balsamic Label

Modena's iconic ancient archways are the inspiration for the Mandarano Balsamic Label.   Quality and good taste endure and improve with age. 

What is the story behind Mandarano Balsamic?

The Mandarano Balsamic Story can be found here.

Where is Mandarano Balsamic grown, produced and bottled?

Our Balsamic is made entirely from premium quality grapes grown, harvested, aged and bottled in Modena, Italy, and carry the I.G.P. seal  (Protected Geographical Indication).  

What makes Mandarano Balsamic unique and premium?

Our Balsamics are produced in the traditional manner.  First we start with premium grapes grown in the Modena Region.  This is very significant because many balsamics on the market use non-regional grapes which significantly effects the taste characteristics and quality of the end product.  Our grapes are grown insecticide free (which is very important because of the concentrated must used) and they are sustainably farmed.  Eight different variety of grapes are carefully blended to achieve a recipe for the desired final flavor notes. Next, they are aged in seasoned wood barrels, carefully tended during the process by skilled craftsmen.  They are produced in small batches, not large commercial vats.

Many low quality and mass produced Balsamics take advantage of the American consumers' lack of understanding of true Italian Balsamic.  Many of these brands use low-quality grapes imported into Italy from Africa so manufactures can then claim the product is "Bottled in Italy".  

 It looks so delicious, but how do I use it?

The possibilities are quite endless, but to get you started, we've created a page to inspire you!

I know it's authentic, but does that mean it's all-natural?

Yes. Mandarano Balsamic of Modena is 100% natural.  There are no added sugars, starches or color enhancers added.  

How can I buy your Balsamic?

Click the "Buy Now" button in the main menu. 

Mandarano Balsamic Glaze & Sauce  is also carried by many fine specialty retailers.

This would make the perfect gift! How can I purchase in bulk for gifts?

Yes - it is a perfect gift!  We offer a beautiful Gift Set or purchase a 6-package of Table or Gold or a Case of Glaze!  You'll receive a nice discount and complimentary shipping.