The Mandarano Balsamic Story

From Modena with Love

  Janet Mandarano – President Janet Mandarano, President - Mandarano Balsamic of Modena


The Italians possess a love of life - la dolce vita - that  is second to none. Simple daily routines and mundane items are braided together in an exquisite celebration of life. And nowhere else is this more prevalent than in the Cucina - the kitchen!

Only the truest - most authentic - ingredients will do. There is no rush, no corners cut to bring generational dishes to the table to share with family and friends.

Hand made pasta so tender it melts in your mouth, cheeses that can stand in as desert, cured meats that are without compare, brilliant wines….and, not least of all, the coveted Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Aceto Balsamico di Modena) are the staples of the Italian kitchen. Gatherings centered around meals are an event to be remembered and cherished.

Frank & Janet Mandarano

Francis Mandarano & Janet Mandarano 

For more than 30 years my husband (Francis Mandarano) and I have had the pleasure of experiencing this lifestyle first-hand, spending much our time in Italy in Modena, the only true source of Balsamic Vinegar. The history and art form involved in the making of this liquid gold could fill a library. Much like wine, the grapes, the ground, the temperature, the humidity all effect the final product. We were enthralled!

And so in 2005, after passing the baton to new ownership in our businesses here in the States – MIE Corp., Maserati Club International and Concorso Italiano (all related to Italian automobiles and lifestyle) – we moved to Italy.

A Family Collaboration

We had a desire to share the story of Modena's rich history of Balsamic – and it is realized in our Mandarano Balsamic of Modena Premium line.

Over 10 years ago, we first introduced our Mandarano Balsamic Glaze & Sauce (aged 5 years) with great success.  In 2018,  we added  Mandarano Table Balsamic (aged 3 years) and our Mandarano Gold Balsamic (aged 10 years).  

Only the finest, authentic and aged Balsamic would do. After looking long and hard, we found our perfect small batch producer.  For over 120 years this Family owned Acetaia has been devoted to producing premium Balsamic in the traditional manner.  It is grown, harvested, aged and bottled under the skilled care of artisans schooled in the centuries-old method. All grapes are of the highest quality and grown in the Modena area  – insecticide free and sustainably farmed.

Together our families have collaborated to bring the special gift of Modena to your table. 

This is a labor of love. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing it with you. 

Buon appetito,

From Our Family to Yours ~ The Mandarano Family